Hi Everyone!

Do you get the feeling you are being stymied no matter which way you turn?
The CV-19 information stymies me everyday!

Stymied by 6 feet apart? Here I go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally 6.
Stymied by no eating in restaurants?

Stymied by having to wear a mask no matter where you are?
Stymied by stores letting people in without a mask?

Stymied by people that ignore the direction of the aisle arrows.
Can you imagine if a store still used mirrors and over the loud spreaker :
Attention person turning down aisle 5 you’re going down in the wrong direction.

Stymied by all the red tape to get a clear answer?

Monday have to wear mask no matter what,

Tuesday if you don’t have a mask wear a scarf, bandana, some type of covering,

Wednesday masks are now available,

Thursday masks are gone again,

Friday search websites for masks, make your own masks, etc,

Saturday locking myself in the house, in a closet so no one not even my cat can breath on me.

Sunday got out of the closet. Told myself are you that bonkers, just wear the mask, scarf, bandana, anything that will fit around my head.

I have learned to go along with the flow with what is happening.
I don’t listen to all the stations to find out if there is something different about what is going on. I do listen for updates and then sign off.
I keep myself posted, check with friends and relatives on how they are doing.
Thinking positive I will be able to go into my favorite restaurant soon!

Have a great day! Hope
Stymie word & definition from M-W word of the
Clip Art from

Be safe, be smart, stay 6 feet apart!

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