Bored❓ 😊Try Decoupage 😊

Hi Everyone!

Are you bored?
Are you bored?
Are you bored?


Have you ever tried decoupage?
What is decoupage?
It’s the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts.
Sounds interesting.

3D Decoupage

If you know someone who loves to sew.
And if they are doing a lot of sewing of masks for others, this is a cute decoupage set to use.

WOW! This phone brings back memories. Too bad I didn’t save it, I could of “decoupage” it!
Phone from 1970’s

Your relative or friend or neighbor is having a birthday, is retiring, or to thank someone for helping you out.
You can add this fix it man to a new tool box as a surprise gift.

Do you like to garden?
Add gardening decoupage to your items.

The Golden Years!
Remember you don’t have to be in your golden years to dance, dance, dance. I just thought of the song “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. My feet are moving, arms are swaying, shoulders moving.
Alright anyone reading this blog, give it a try and go to search Last Dance by Donna Summers.


Have a great day! Hope
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Be safe, be smart, stay 6 feet apart!!

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