Hello Everyone!

Hope: Hi girls come on in and see how I organized my blogging room.
Abby: Hope you have to be kidding. It still looks like a chockablock.
Hope: Okay Abby let’s go by and see your blogging room.
Nins, Mabel, Penelope & Dot: Field trip!
Abby: I organized my blogging room 2 weeks ago.
Nins, Mabel, Penelope, Dot & Hope: It still looks like a chockablock. You only replaced the lamp that never worked!
Abby: Well at least my chockablock is not as messy as Hope’s.
Hope: The reason for that is my brain is like a chockablock, so there!

Have a great day! Hope
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Be safe, be smart, stay 6 feet apart!

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