Hello Everyone!

Hope: Wow! Christmas sure came fast this year.
Penelope: What?
Hope: Christmas is just a couple of weeks away.
Don’t you mean 8 months away?
Hope: No, no. It will be here before you know. I got all my shopping done, have made cookie dough and put it in the freezer, then in a couple of weeks I can take it out and bake them. Can’t
wait until the kitchen has that fabulous scent of oatmeal & apple cookies.
Penelope: I going to call Abby to come on over and have some tea with us.
Hope: Okay I’ll put the teapot on the stove.
Hello girls how’s everything going?
Penelope: Hope keeps on saying Christmas is coming soon, made her cookies, then froze them, and will pull them out to bake them in a couple of weeks.
Abby: Penelope, just to let you know Hope is one of the greatest “taradiddle”
in the world.
One day when you are older you will realize how she can tell a “taradiddle” about anything.
Penelope: Oh!

Have a great taradiddle day! Hope
Taradiddle word & definition from Dictionary.com
Clip Art & Photos from Bing.com

P.S. Can you name some great “taradiddle” people?

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