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Hello Everyone!

New Spring sounds robins are here, geese partners are here,

undefinedNew Spring knit challenge to undo the unfinished blanket and give it a new design.

New Spring sounds you hear soil moving as the crocus, daffodils, and soon to be tulips are popping up,

New ideas popping all over the world to help out our doctors, nurses, medical technicians, making medical gear for their safety.

  • New world for all of us!
    • It’s like we are now living on a new planet, where we have to learn new ways of living;
    • a) talking with people,
    • b) virtual shaking hands,
    • c) wearing masks and gloves to be safe, plus learning to make our own masks due to short supply.
    • d) every day is a “new” day!
      • What will we learn today?
      • What ideas will we come up with?

Have a great new day! Hope
Discover Prompts Day 18: New
Clip Art from

A new day with new rain,
our new planet will have the new smell.

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