Hello Everyone!

What? They are such busybodies!

Are you sure? You know how they like to spread gossip.

Of course I’m sure? Plus you know they are on top of all gossip!!

Come on I’ll prove it to you!

Girls it is totally true. We wouldn’t spread quidnunc if it wasn’t true.

Have a great day! Hope
Quidnunc word & definition from Dictionary.com
Clip Art & photos from Bing.com

These are trying days for all of us!
Stay indoors,
Need to get out walk with love ones 6 feet apart, don’t forget your mask,
wave to people, smile,
Indoors read, knit, crochet, toss ball, play kazoo, call relatives, neighbors, friends to make sure they are okay, ask if they may need assistance they you might be able to help them out,
Most of all take care of yourself

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