America’s Heroes

Hi Everyone!

I didn’t forget anyone on my post from 3/30/2020. I felt it probably would be very, very long to keep everyone’s interest.

Here I go:
Restaurants still cooking our favorites for us,
Bus Drivers picking up passengers that have to work,
People helping food banks, sort food, package food for delivery,
Funeral personnel taking care of our love ones,
TV hints on how to handle items that come through our doors at home, including us,
People showing their generosity to others, like the man who used his savings to purchase gas for nurses – Bravo!
Entertainment industries stars giving us courage to go on, “We’ll beat IT” – Bravo.

Everyone we all have to think positive,
to beat “IT”!
Can we do “IT”?
Yes we can!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art from

I have an idea how about getting a KAZOO? Then we can serenade our neighbors.

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