Hello Everyone! Hope: Wow! Christmas sure came fast this year.Penelope: What?Hope: Christmas is just a couple of weeks away.Penelope: Don't you mean 8 months away?Hope: No, no. It will be here before you know. I got all my shopping done, have made cookie dough and put it in the freezer, then in a couple of … Continue reading Taradiddle

Music by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! Music hmm, I have to write I like most music. When I hear a song and it makes me smile, tap my feet, move my arms, stand up and move around. I like it! Artists - Elvis, Pink, Elton John I mean Sir Elton John, Bette Midler, Cher, Johnny Mathis, Dolly Partner, IL … Continue reading Music by Discover Prompts

New by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! New Spring sounds robins are here, geese partners are here, New Spring knit challenge to undo the unfinished blanket and give it a new design. New Spring sounds you hear soil moving as the crocus, daffodils, and soon to be tulips are popping up, New ideas popping all over the world to help … Continue reading New by Discover Prompts


Hello Everyone! Nins: Come on in, take a seat for our colloquy discussion. Abby: I will start with my favorite colloquy wording of, of, of Hope butting in again Hope: I want to start this time around, I have put a lot of work into my poem of the day. Mabel: Welcome Penelope will you … Continue reading Colloquy

Distant by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! 6 feet of distant is needed Go back, back, back, back, back, back stop you're now at the right distance. Milo we are definitely 6 feet away! Have a great day! HopeDistant word from Discover PromptsClip Art from Bing.com These are trying days for all of us!Stay indoors,Need to get out walk with … Continue reading Distant by Discover Prompts


Hello Everyone! What? They are such busybodies! Are you sure? You know how they like to spread gossip. Of course I'm sure? Plus you know they are on top of all gossip!! Come on I'll prove it to you! Girls it is totally true. We wouldn't spread quidnunc if it wasn't true. Have a great … Continue reading Quidnunc


Hello Everyone! Daffa Down Dilly Have a great day! HopeDaffadowndilly word & definition from Dictionary.com These are trying days for all of us!Stay indoors,Need to get out walk with love ones 6 feet apart, don't forget your mask,wave to people, smile,Indoors read, knit, crochet, toss ball, play kazoo, call relatives, neighbors, friends to make sure … Continue reading Daffadowndilly

America’s Heroes – Thank You!

Hi Everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank your! Farmers,Truck drivers transporting products from state to state, town to town, suburb to suburb. People creating videos that put a smile on your face, Sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, knitting loom, needle point, embroidery. People are creating items to help others. These items are not only … Continue reading America’s Heroes – Thank You!


Hello Everyone! Nins: You're too close! Get back!! There's your line! Customer: Lady it's only 2 inches.Nins: I don't care, move back! I will feel much better. I'm so wary of people getting too close. Please sir!!!!Customer: Okay lady I moved back 4 inches. Now how do you feel?Nins: Much, much better! Hope: 6 foot … Continue reading Wary


Hi Everyone! Are you in a frenzied? Are you in running around in circles looking for products? Look at all those people, they are going berserk outside that store. Did you know an ancient Norse warrior was called "Berserker"? Why you ask? Because they fought with a "frenzied" rage battle.Rumor has it they possibly ate … Continue reading Berserk