America vs. COVID-19

Hello Everyone!

To the people of the United States of America
Thank You!!!!

America we are CHAMPIONS!

I have seen, heard or someone told me about people turning their companies around from making their own products, so they can produce what is essential to many fields who test, take care, responsive to the need of others.
First responders have the most need of protection.
St. Michael, Archangel for first responders.

Isn’t it funny how “we the people” can get things rolling.
Companies with sewing machines masking masks, gowns, etc.
3D printers making products for healthcare workers PPE
Hmm! I wonder what else they can make to help out in this crisis?
Car companies making ventilators,
Companies that were closed are now reopened to make PPE products
PPE = Personal Protective Equipment

See The

“We the people” use our imagination, look at what is in front of us, a light bulb goes on and there we are, necessary items for our people in the front lines.
“We the people” also assist people around us. Calling, waving, singing, mailing, deliveries, and much, much more.
Did you know there are some people that don’t even know what’s going? Homeless people are now being informed when they come for a meal.

Some of us may have good ideas, but don’t know how to get them going.
If someone has an idea, how about listening to what they say.
Be honest! Is it good, not so good, bad.
Be honest! Hey! You know what, I can give you suggestions and see what happens and work together, by phone or video messaging?

Remember 6 foot rule!

Food Pantries helping those in need, packaging products, delivering them.
Food companies that keep live product moving. It’s cleaned, packaged, delivered to stores.

“We the people” for some reason have the inquenity, imagination, fortitude, courage to say “I can do that”.
Once we see or hear “I can do that”, and before you know it, supplies, products, etc, get moving to those in need.

We the people” have pulled together to make the necessities needed to keep our country safe. Keep product moving. BRAVO!

Wait a minute what about robots? I know they are designed to do multiple tasks.
Do you think they could help out?
Could they manage to handle items that are too contagious for humans to handle?

My brain is on a roll! Thank you for reading!

Have a great day! Hope
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We are the champions song by Queen,

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