What is it? Answers

Hi Everyone! Here are the answers!Hope you enjoyed guessing. This little guy is so ugly, he's cute.AKA bekantan in a specific country.I'm an Old World arboreal with a large nose.Where can you find me? If I tell you, you will guess right away.I can co-exist with Bornean orangutan. Proboscis Monkey What is it? I'm native … Continue reading What is it? Answers


Hello Everyone! Hope: Mabel I have a question for you.Mabel: No problem! What's up?Hope: Do you ever feel like your brain is like a sieve? Mabel: Are you kidding me? No way! I can remember what I ate for breakfast when I was ten years old.Hope: What a hypermnesia memory you have?Mabel: That morning I … Continue reading Hypermnesia