Hello Everyone!

Abby: I have to touch that painting!
Hope: Why?
Abby: I just have to touch it’s surface that’s all!!
Hope: You do realize that if you harm it in any way you will have to buy it.
Abby: I just have to touch, touch, touch the surface!!!
Hope: Abby, Abby, Abby, I hope you bought your checkbook.
Abby: Oh my gosh! I touched, touched, touched it!!!! The surface is, is, I am speechless.
Hope: And here come the guards. Bring out your checkbook.

Guards: Come with us lady.
Abby: I have my checkbook.
Guards: We don’t think you will have enough for this painting.

Abby’s Painting by Matisse

Have a great day! Hope
Surface word & definition from Weekly
Clip Art from

The clip art to the right is also a painting by Matisse.

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