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Inconvenience Stores

Hello Everyone!

Oh my gosh! I forget the cookies for the meeting. Ahh! I just spotted a store. I will run in and be out in a second or two. (convenience)
Me: Cookies, cookies, cookies. Where the heck are they.
Sir, where are the cookies.
Store assistant: Miss they are right over there. (inconvenience)
Me: Those are refrigerated and have to be baked. I need ones already made.
Store assistant: Miss you didn’t specify what type you wanted. (inconvenience)
Me: Sorry sir, can you tell me where the shelf stabled cookies are.
Store assistant: Miss they are in the front to the right. (inconvenience)
Me: Thank you.
So I get to the front, look to the right and are you ready for this, they only carry little packets of cookies. (inconvenience) As I stand there, shaking my head, I picked up a basket and took all the cookies. Ahh! Got them.
Now I turn around to pay and guess what?

You are so right, there are ten (10) people ahead of me, one (1) cashier and the oldest register I ever saw. The cashier had to add up items by hand, then figure out the tax, take the money, then bag the items. (inconvenience)

Now you might be thinking where is the store assistant to help out.

Store assistant is on break!! (inconvenience)

I started off going to a convenience store, and walked out of the most inconvenience store.

Have a great day! Hope
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