Zombie Reality

Hi Everyone!

Mabel & Hope: I didn’t know Abby was selling “realty”.

Mabel: I can’t believe we both said “realty” at the same time.

Hope: So when did Abby get her “realty” license?

Mabel: I think is was last week.

Hope: Look at the house she is trying to sell. I wonder who would be interested in that old house?

Uh Oh! Sorry everyone!
I messed up. I read the word as “realty” and it should be “reality”.

So in “Zombie Reality” Abby was able to sell her “Zombie Realty” home to Mr. & Mrs. Diescythe. (pronounce as Die – scythe)

Have a great Zombie Reality day! Hope
Zombie Reality from Weekly Prompts.com
Clip Art from Bing.com

Reality & Realty definitions from The Free Dictionary.com
Scythe assistance from Wikipedia.org

One thought on “Zombie Reality

  1. You had me for a moment there. Initially I thought you’d just missed out a letter, but I read on and was puzzled, but then the penny dropped. I’ve heard the word realty used before but not in a long while.
    In the U.K. we don’t use realty for property and buildings etc, in fact it’s not even in our dictionary. I got my brain into gear and read the post as if I was an American, and then I had a little giggle at your Zombie Reality!
    Thank you for linking to our Zombie challenge! 😀

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