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The Street

Hi Everyone!

The street” I’m looking for is two blocks away. Found it!
Wait! That’s not the correct brick color for “the street” I’m looking for.
Making a left turn, there it is! Now that I’m closer “the street” here has the incorrect
shape I’m looking for.

Making a right turn this has to be the right, right – oh my gosh! I don’t believe it, “the street” I just turned on has the the most strange looking color!

I have taken a left, then took a right, which way should I go now? I think I’ll go up for a better view of “the street” I’m looking.
There it is finally “the street” I have been looking for!! First will take a picture so when I
land I will know the
exact spot.

Have a great day! Hope
The Street” by Weekly
Clip Art from

PS: It’s now up to you to fill in the color of “the street” I was looking for.