Hi Everyone!

Can you imagine walking down the street saying bah! Humbug? undefined
Bah! Humbug? Bah! Humbug to you all!!!!I don’t care if you are young or old, all I can say is Bah! Humbug! to you all!!!!

Yes I can hear those words! And of course the curious person I am, would ask them “Why do you say those words?” So many people out there feel the world owes them something. I’ve always wonder what.
Some answers you might hear are:
Stocks & Bonds.


To me, you should be happy with what you have. You may not have much, but that’s okay. If you have your health, love from others, you give your love to others, have that beautiful smile on your face, look at the world through the eyes of a child, you realize you have the world on your side.

The holidays are almost here and before you know it, they will be gone. So let’s be positive, turn that frown upside down to a smile.

You know it’s better to have smile wrinkles than frown ones.

Have a great day! Hope
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