Stocking Stuffers

Hi Everyone!

This is the holiday season where you are going from store to store in a mall or several malls.
Or you are going from store to store on the internet.

Of course we are always looking for the best deal! Right? Right! So you start your shopping with items picked out. You have already brought them home or waiting for your package to be delivered.

And then! The refrigerator aka fridge in the U.S.A. Makes a sudden sound. Oh My Gosh! Not now.

Then my one tooth was acting up and finally went to my dentist and lo and behold I needed a cap. And as everyone knows they are a little expensive. I’m laughing as I wrote “little”.

So at this point have to redo my budget,
Keep thinking positive,
Keep that smile on my face,
Prepare for the arrival of bills on January 2, 3, 4, 5, etc of brand new year of 2020, make sure I have a fresh can or bag of coffee or tea bags or loose tea leaves aka Rosie Tea
which is a cockney rhyming word for tea, I read this on one of my friend’s blog.

Have a great day! Hope
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