Hi Everyone! acanthochronology What a word. Have you ever studied the word above?I know what your thinking, Hope you are truly, truly bonkers.This fun full word means you are a person that studies cactus spines and/or Euphoria Thorns. boxology This word isn't too bad. It kind of gives you a hint of what it can … Continue reading Ology


Hi Everyone! Do you remember this giant? Do you remember this enormous person? This is such a cute, gigantic strawberry!!!! Have a great day! Hope Brobdingnagian word and definition from Dictionary.comClip Art from Bing.com

Stocking Stuffers

Hi Everyone! This is the holiday season where you are going from store to store in a mall or several malls.Or you are going from store to store on the internet. Of course we are always looking for the best deal! Right? Right! So you start your shopping with items picked out. You have already … Continue reading Stocking Stuffers