Hi Everyone, Do you have a favorite ornament or you may say "bauble"?Do you remember when you got it?Was it a gift?If a gift do you remember who gave it to you? I think we all have a favorite "bauble". I always keep my fingers crossed I don't break mine. In case you didn't know … Continue reading Bauble


Hi Everyone! Stars shining bright above youNight breezes seem to whisper "I love you"Birds singing in the sycamore treeDream a little dream of me Say "Night-ie night" and kiss meJust hold me tight and tell me you'll miss meWhile I'm alone and blue as can beDream a little dream of meStars fading but I linger … Continue reading Stargazer

Thanksgiving Day

Hi Everyone! Hope you enjoy the ecard from Jacquie Lawson website. Have a Happy, Healthy & Safe Thanksgiving! Hope

Street Art

Hi Everyone! WOW!Photo is in Michael Harker's "The Big Mural Book" Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Graphics Factory.comArticle from written by Laurent Jacquet PS: Photo shows what can be done with used spray paint cans. Photo from


Hi everyone! Are you getting ready? Got your comfortable shoes ready? Have you picked out the outfit your going to wear? Are you constantly checking the weather report for Friday 11/29/2019? BRAVO! You are now ready to pull up your comfortably chair, have your written list right next to you, open your favorite browser, type … Continue reading Rush


Hi Everyone! Abby: Hey girls! Have you met the new neighbor that just moved in next to Nins?Hope, Mable, Dot: No. When did they move in?Abby: Last Friday.Hope, Mable, Dot: Have you seen them yet? Or talked to them? How many live there?Abby: Nins will have to tell you that I haven't seen anyone or … Continue reading Wheedle

World Kindness Day

Hi Everyone! Turn that frown ๐Ÿ™ƒright side up and give others that beautiful smile ๐Ÿ˜Šof yours.Doing a favor for a neighbor. Don't forget your smile. ๐Ÿ˜ŠAt work if you see someone struggling, jump up and ask them what you can help with. Don't forget your smile. ๐Ÿ˜Š You know a "smile" does make a difference … Continue reading World Kindness Day


Hi Everyone! Gallimaufry what a word! Who ever created this word must have been having a bad day. What do you think? Here I go:Ta Da!! Didn't like that one?How about this one? I think this one is much better. Now I got it! No! No! No! I think this one is better Have a … Continue reading Gallimaufry


Hi Everyone! Hurry we have to thither to Bob's before it gets too dark. Abby: Come on Bob we need to thither over by Frank and Mable. From Earth to planets, here's the thither schedule:Mercury & Venus you two take care of drinks,Mars & Jupiter you two take care of the food,Saturn & Uranus you … Continue reading Thither