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Happy Halloween! Everyone! Candy CornAunt IsobelWOW! WOW! WOW!Hello! Munsters!!Pumpkin KingNew MemberHappy HalloweenBe Safe! Have a great day! HopeIt's snowing & windy here in Chicago, IL, U.S.A.


Hi Everyone! If you had a chance would you want to have a "chronosphere"? If you had one you could go back and forth in time.Does that sound good to you? It could be BUT you have to remember the consequences!! Have a great day! HopeChronosphere word and definition from Alice Through The Looking Glass … Continue reading Chronosphere


Hi Everyone! Do you remember anyone from slumberland? How about Peter Pan? Who helped Wendy, John & Michael to fly? If you answered Tinkerbell you are correct! They are on their way to Neverland!! Look who is watching them fly away!!! And let me know forget the villain of this story! Have a great day! … Continue reading Slumberland


Hi Everyone! I am a "wordie"! At first when I read the explanation of "wordie" I thought, no not me. Then I reread it and yes I am. I love finding new words. I look at them, say to myself who, what, where, when, why. Who developed this word? What language, country, town, first developed … Continue reading Wordie


Hi Everyone! What is triskaidekaphobia?Yes, it's a phobia.Here's a clue, some times it falls on a Friday. It's the fear of the number "thirteen 13".Yikes! Do you hide in the closest when this lovely number falls on a Friday?Now, on the other hand, "thirteen 13" can be a lucky number. Have a great day! HopeClip … Continue reading Triskaidekaphobia


Hi Everyone! Here's something that opened my eyes this morning while searching for something unusual. I believe I found it. The FarmThe Vegetable Garden With Donkey Lunar BirdLadders cross the blue sky in a wheel of fire Garden 2 I hope you took plenty of pictures with the above artwork by Joan Miro. Joan Miro … Continue reading Biomorph


Hi Everyone! Did I do that? 😏Hope: I am not the one that did that.Abby: Oh yes you did. 🤨🤔Hope: How do you know I did that?Abby: Kaleidoscope told me. She's a new friend of mine. ☺😏Hope: OH! How come I haven't met her? Have the other girls met her?Abby: She told me exactly what … Continue reading Scapegoat


Hi Everyone! Have you ever walked into a store and think where am I? You can't even see the end of the store. Shelves are from floor to ceiling. There is room to breathe. You don't bump into people looking for what you would like to buy.Are emporiums seasonal? Yes, they can be. Christmas all … Continue reading Emporium


Hi Everyone! Very interesting word!How to explain what it is - hmm? Here's a clue - it's created by an eight (8) legged creature.What they create comes in all different sizes and shapes.Their creations you can find both outside and inside. Their creations are beautiful after it rains. Each layer of creation shines with the … Continue reading Gossamer