Hi Everyone! Who thought of this word? Well if you look at Etymonline.com, it started off as a Latin word "fecundus" then adjusted to Middle English "fecond" spelling, then Middle French ("fecond"), old French ("fecont"). Look how fecund the apple trees are. Watch out here comes an apple!! photo from Bing.com, Blog.chuckjones.com Abby: Boy Hope … Continue reading Fecund


Hi Everyone! Ahoy! Come aboard the mighty ship of, hmm I forgot the name.Hey, Salty Jack look over the side and let me know what the name of our ship is.I! I! Captain Sparrow!!!!Captain Sparrow ship's name is Rocking Robin. Rocking Robin, who in the heck gave the ship that name? Me, my darling husband, … Continue reading Swashbuckler

Wicked Additions

Hi Everyone! Wicked Cauldron is super clean Granny Hazel's store is open today and she has fresh stock.The ingredients I need to complete my recipes are below:rat tails,bats for stirring up foam, star anise,vanilla - double strength,ginger chunks,cherry tree branch, (check for cherries),pear tree branch with blossoms, turmeric,saffron,pomegranate, make sure it's nice & plump,cardamom (cake … Continue reading Wicked Additions

Word Salad Bar – Pink

I can't believe what I am seeing!It just can't be,A pink mansion, no it 's the glass in my sunglasses, Sunglasses off. Oh my gosh! It is a pink mansion.As we walk inside and before my eyes I see,a pink elephant here, below an indoor pink window with a unique bubble design, turn my head … Continue reading Word Salad Bar – Pink


Hi Everyone! Ikebana is Or How about This will brighten anyone's day when they walk into a room. Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging. There are a number of different schools of ikebana, each with its own unique requirements. The requirements can involve angling stems in a certain way or choosing specific kinds … Continue reading Ikebana

Macaron vs Macaroon

Hi Everyone! Which do you like best? The macaron which is made from powdered sugar, almond flour, salt, egg whites, sugar, vanilla extract, and food color you like.or Angels tears and (almond meal) from unicorn foals. The macaroon which is made from sweetened coconut, sweetened condensed milk, egg whites, vanilla, salt.or Made with desiccated coconut … Continue reading Macaron vs Macaroon


Hi Everyone! They are the happiest couple I have ever meet. I have never met a person so optimistic than Nins. Look at that sanguine rose. It's a deep blood red color.Symbol of passionate affection. Red hibiscus symbol of love and passion. I believe it falls into the sanguine color category. Have a great day! … Continue reading Sanguine


Hi Everyone! Wicked, wicked, wicked!!! What wickedness can I stir up for Halloween 2019? using my favorite cleaning potion for my special cauldron, for my special recipes. Wicked ingredients needed:toads,spiders,newts,eyes of ???? not sure yet,dry ingredients - cinnamon, turmeric, garlic - fresh,liquid ingredients - vanilla, anise, chocolate chips,peanut butter - crunchy Well, that's the start … Continue reading Wicked

Birds, birds, birds

Hi Everyone! Do you have a favorite bird? Is it small? Is it large? Is it huge? Dull color? Wild color? Wow! Color? Small like a sparrow Chipping sparrowLarge like an ostrich Huge like a penquin EmperorDo you have a bird you can sit and watch all day?Isn't it a wonder how they survive.Look for … Continue reading Birds, birds, birds