Hello Everyone!

What did he say?
He said it’s coming soon, so be prepared.

What’s coming soon?
As usual, he didn’t mention what was coming.
Talking through his tam again.
At least this time he’s not puffing smoke through his head!

Did you know “poppycock” has around thirty-five (35) crossword clue answers?
Here are a few that might help you out if you are a lover of crossword puzzles:
Hogwash, hooey, malarkey, nonsense, mumbo-jumbo, balderdash, pish. For more go to crosswordheaven.com

Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art from Bing.com
Word and definition from Fluentu.com
Crossword information from crosswordheaven.com

Hey! Where is my bag of “poppycock”?

by Orville Redenbach

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