Hi everyone! Do you know anyone that comes up to you and says and talks, talks, talks? Then all of a sudden they stop! It's time to getaway! Then you here "Did you know?" Me, you would think I had learned my lesson from the last time Mrs. Guilderfess was at the art museum fundraiser. … Continue reading Snoot


Hi Everyone! Wow! Look at that foxy lady walking down the street! Those peach-colored roses are so beautiful. Come on let's see if they have a peachy scent. Back in 1910 "cute girl" was called peacherino,Back in 1920 "sheba", "whistle bait", "zazz girl",Back in 1940 "dolly",Back in 1970 "fox", Back in 1980 "hottie" Peacherino is … Continue reading Peacherino


Hello Everyone! What did he say?He said it's coming soon, so be prepared.What's coming soon? As usual, he didn't mention what was coming.Talking through his tam again.At least this time he's not puffing smoke through his head! Did you know "poppycock" has around thirty-five (35) crossword clue answers?Here are a few that might help you … Continue reading Poppycock


Hi Everyone! What is a mustache?The hair growing on the upper lip . Especially: such hair grown and often trimmed in a particular style. A long mustache combed and waxed. How about the stars below? Do you recognize any of them? Have a great day! HopeClip Art and photos from Bing.comMustachioed definition from The Free … Continue reading Mustachioed


Hi Everyone! Did you ever wonder what "steampunk" was all about?Science fiction set in an alternate version of historic past, especially 19th-century England, and involving advanced technologies usually based on steam.An aesthetic style inspired by steampunk fiction. Steampunk has become very popular over the years. There are conventions, competitions, shows on television, magazines. Have a … Continue reading Steampunk


Hi Everyone! Okay, gang here we go down the crooked road to aunt Mabel's home. There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,He found a crooked sixpence, against a crooked stile,He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,And they all lived together in a little crooked house.Poem by Mother Goose … Continue reading Tortuous


Hi Everyone! Oh my gosh! I'm almost done reading the fourth novel by Ransom Riggs "A Map of Days". Oh my gosh! The book store has a new book out called "The Conference of Birds". Part of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series.I have to hurry to the book store before they close! Got it! Almost … Continue reading Abibliophobia


Hello Everyone! Are you the adventurous type? Right now I am humming the tune of Indiana Jones movies starring Harrison Ford. Can you picture yourself with a whip in one (1) hand and an idol in the other? Lewis and Clark expedition aka Corps of Discovery. Did you know the men ate candles to stay … Continue reading Adventurous


Hi Everyone! Come along everyone, we have to keep moving. Another tour will be starting in thirty (30) minutes.Now, who do you think wore these tap shoes? The story behind this guitar is out of this world. Earrings were worn by???? A very unique painting of Alice in Wonderland of a different era! Have a … Continue reading Garniture


Hi Everyone! Cat's-Paw meanings are totally different than a "cat's paw" Hey neighbor! Can you move my recycle trash containers to the street for pick-up?Sure I'll be right over. Duh! What a dupe I am! Why, oh why do I always say yes? Wow! Look at that "cat's-paw". Lovely light breezes today. Cat's Paw Fernaka … Continue reading Cat’s-Paw