What Now?

Hi Everyone!

Have you heard the news about Humboldt Park Lagoon located in Chicago, IL?

If you haven’t look what was discovered the other day.

Yes, yes, yes!!! It’s a real, live alligator just swimming and looking around the lagoon. People of the neighborhood named him “Chance the Snapper”. He was spotted Tuesday 7/10/2019 morning.

How did he arrive there? As far as we know someone put him in the lagoon. He got too big where ever he lived. They are saying “he” for now until they they get him out of the lagoon.

So who is going to take care of “Chance the Snapper”?

Well here’s Bob AKA “Alligator Bob”. Alligator Bob has laid out traps to catch “Chance the Snapper”. No luck as of this writing.

Keep up with the news on “Chance the Snapper”!

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