Hi Everyone! Nuance is great in this one don't you think? No! No! This one with it's different lines of color will be the best! You both need to brush up on your artwork. This one is the one. When the soft lights are on you will be able to picture yourself right there with … Continue reading Nuance


Hi Everyone! Old saying "nectar" is the "drink of the Greek and Roman gods" I think a good fruit nectar is refreshing, tasty, you want to drink more and more. My mango nectar makes me feel like a goddess lounging on my couch, with the breeze flowing through my hair. Light mist of ocean water … Continue reading Nectar


Hi Everyone! Can you lend me some dough? I earned enough money by producing a new recipe for bread. Have a great day! HopeClip art from Bing.comBread word from M-W's Word of the DayBread definition from Merriam-Webster #dough #M-W's Word of the day #lend #earned money #blogging blogger