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Bombast? What the heck is bombast? It has nothing to do with bombs.
Do you have any idea of what it means? You can’t look in the dictionary yet.
Okay, okay you can look it up in the dictionary.

In case anyone that is a couple of eons younger than me this is Joan Crawford. Her movie star career started in the 1920’s.
How do you like those shoulder pads?

I can’t forget the men, now can I.
Here we have Fred Astaire
He started in movies in the 1930s

This man’s speech is full of bombast words I have never heard of. Did you hear the last word he said? I have to go home and look in my dictionary.
Now a days modern Enlish “speech or writing that is stuffed or padded with pretense and unnessary verbiage.”

Have a great day! Hope

Clip Art from Bing.com
Bombast from M-W’s Word of the Day
Bombast definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.com

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