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Are you a buzzworthy person?

Do you believe all the buzzworthy you hear?

On TV who is your favorite buzzworthy newscaster?


Reality Shows?

F.Y.I. First known use of buzzworthy was 1980. Meaning new and interesting way that attracts or deserves widespread talk or attention. “worthy of buzz.

Buzz, buzz, went the trolley!

Have a great day! Hope
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Buzzworthy word and definition from Merriam-Webster

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What the heck is a buzzwig or buzz wig?
Do I really want to know?
Aw come on!
You have to take a guess!

I would think it has something to do with a wig – right?
You got the wig part right!

Buzz, buzz, buzz =
No bees involved. Bees are always in a bonnet.
How about a “buzz” hair cut?
You’re getting close!

I GOT IT! It’s a large bushy wig.
Hurray! Finally, congratulations!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Buzzwig word and definition from Merriam-Webster

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Okay ladies I wnat to see how you move and make your gowns flounce around the room.

Let’s see a little move flounce Abby

Come on girls keep those beads flouncing!

Come on Mabel flounce your beads a little more.

Have a great day! Hope
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Flounce from M-W’s Word of the Day
Word definition from Merriam-Webster

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Hi Everyone!

Kinetic sand

Kinetic roller coaster

Kinetic air balloons mobile

Dance, dance, dance!
Now this is Kinetic movement!

Have a great day! Hope
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Kinetic word from M-W’s Word of the Day
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Meet Boilerplate History’s Mechanical Marvel written by Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett.
Boilerplate was designed by Professor Archibald Campion in 1893 as a prototype to help save lives. For more information there are many sites –,, Librarian From

Is this backwards? Yes it is and the reason why it’s a printing boiler plate used for newspaper eons ago. I’m sure you will find some people are still using them to publish their local newspapers.
See Herald

Have a great day! Hope

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Boilerplate word from M-W’s Word of the Day
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Hi Everyone!

All of a sudden a lady hops on the stage and starts singing! Wow! That took some nerve. Plus she is a good singer.

Wow! Harry is a great comedian. I didn’t know he had it in hime. When he made a mistake he saved it with his impromptu talent.

I have been growing my herb garden for years. Most are perennials. The annual ones I need to replace every year.

Have a great day! Hope

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Hi Everyone!

Scrutinize is my middle name!

Sherlock, my scrutiny is better than yours.

No! No! Sherlock & Hercules. We Inspector Clouseau’s were voted to have the best scrutinize noses in the world.

Not again! You fellows always think you have the best ways to inspect your surroundings. My inspection of a crime scene is fast and more accurate.

Shhh! Let’s leave quietly. This argument can go on forever. More detectives are on their way to let’s say discuss who can scrutinze the best.

Have a great Day! Hope

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Hello What? 😎

Hi Everyone!

Bombast? What the heck is bombast? It has nothing to do with bombs.
Do you have any idea of what it means? You can’t look in the dictionary yet.
Okay, okay you can look it up in the dictionary.

In case anyone that is a couple of eons younger than me this is Joan Crawford. Her movie star career started in the 1920’s.
How do you like those shoulder pads?

I can’t forget the men, now can I.
Here we have Fred Astaire
He started in movies in the 1930s

This man’s speech is full of bombast words I have never heard of. Did you hear the last word he said? I have to go home and look in my dictionary.
Now a days modern Enlish “speech or writing that is stuffed or padded with pretense and unnessary verbiage.”

Have a great day! Hope

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Bombast from M-W’s Word of the Day
Bombast definition from Merriam-Webster

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Hi Everyone!

Mable: You are quite a quibbler Hope!

Hope: I am not a quibbler!!
Now let me have my tea in peace!!!

Mable: Really Hope! You must have a very, very, very bitter tea bag in your cup!! Why don’t you add some sugar that will not only sweeten your tea but YOU along with it!

Dot: Girls! Girls! Both of you are driving me bonkers with all your quibble. Come on now, can’t we just enjoy this beautiful morning? Look I see a speck of sun coming through those clouds.

Have a great day! Hope

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Hi Everyone!

What the heck? Let me break up the word:
Mal = bad or badly,
Apert = open, honest,
Put them both together you get “malapert” = a bold or impudent person.

In other words someone who is “open” or “honest” in a bad way.

Do you know anyone that is like that?
If you said no, then I think you better recheck your family, friends, neighbors, work place.

Still no, wake up! Smell the coffee! Smell the roses!
Come on now, recheck!! Recheck!!! I know you can do it!!!!
Oh My Gosh!! Am I being “malapert” in my writing today??

Have a great day! Hope
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Malapart word from M-W’s Word of the Day
Malapart definition from Merriam-Webster

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