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So what do you think about this word? Have you dragged out your dictionary? Which search engine did you use? Or did you try all of them to make sure they were all reading the same way?

Here’s a breakdown of what the word is;

Have you ever heard a cat wailing and felt that you could relate? Apparently some hungover German speakers once did. Katzenjammer comes from German Katze (meaning “cat”) and Jammer (meaning “distress” or “misery”). English speakers borrowed the word for their hangovers (and other distressful inner states) in the first half of the 19th century and eventually applied it to outer commotion as well.
The word isn’t as popular in English today as it was around the mid-20th century, but it’s well-known to many because of The Katzenjammer Kids, a long-running comic strip featuring the incorrigibly mischievous twins Hans and Fritz.  
Examples of KATZENJAMMER “I drank too much that night and woke up submerged in a post-wine katzenjammer
undefinedthe next morning. My head was buzzing, and every fiber of my body slowly shriveled and wilted as the alcohol exited it.” By Mac Lethal, Texts from Bennett, 2013

Hans and Fritz

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  1. Isn’t life strange..the only time I’d ever heard/known of this word is because it’s the name of a band! I have 2 CD’s by them..most enjoyable! However, it’s great to read what the name means, as I’d never thought about a meaning before! Thank you Hope! 😊

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