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Hi Everyone!

Hope: Oh My Gosh! It’s really you! Mr. Charlie Chan, thank goodness you’re here my friend has Abby has been shanghai. Can you help me and her other friends to find her?

undefinedMr. Charlie Chan: Of course that’s why I stopped in to see you. Now give me the details.

Wait, wait, wait! One at a time ladies!!

Friends of Abby’s meeting with Charlie Chan

Have a great day! Hope

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Hi Everyone!Β 


What do you mean? I’m not that gullible!! Or am I?

  • Hope: I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it!! It happened again to the Haglerstons. That poor couple. Somebody tried to buy their old moving cart and tried to pay them with three ($3.00) dollar bills.
  • Mable: Now just to let you know we use to have $3.00 bills back in the 1800’s.Β 
    • Hope: Now according to World News Nightly article on 5/05/2015 the $3.00 bill will be printed with George W. Bush picture. These bills were suppose to have “geolocation tracking”.
      • As far as I can tell the $3.00 bill is non-existence.
    • Mable: Thank goodness the Griffins stopped by and saved the day!
    • Hope: You’re right Mable. The Griffins learned from a young age on “con-artists” and how they cheat elders.

Have a great day! Hope

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