undefinedHi Everyone!

Wait a minute! You just gave me a fraudulent coin!

Wait a minute! You just gave me “Monopoly money!” Did you think no one would notice?undefined

You have to be kidding? Artificial flowers for my birthday!! Hmm! I can’t believe no one would think I would notice!!! At least I don’t have to worry about putting them in fresh water everyday!

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Brummagem word from M-W”s Word of the Day
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Definition: not genuine : 
spurious; also : cheaply showy : tawdry

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2 thoughts on “Brummagem

  1. It’s funny and interesting to see you posting about Brummagem, Hope. We used to live in the city of Birmingham, in the UK, until about 18 months ago, which is the second city, London, being the capital. Brummagem is also an old word for Birmingham/or the dialect of people from Birmingham, known as Brummies!

  2. I remember wooden nickels being a big thing back when there weren’t many big things.

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