Hi Everyone!

Hope: Did you hear what happened to Mr. & Mrs. Jones?
Mable: No!
Hope: Someone came to their door trying to sell them the moon.
Mable: You are exaggerating now.
Hope: Well not the moon, but some real estate by the water front.
Mable: OM Gosh! That poor couple!
Hope: They have been hoodwinked a couple of times. These people have no sense of decency. But I saw what was happening, and called the police. Guess what Mable??
Mable: Don’t start now, then stop! Come on get on with it!
The police came and dragged this so called human to jail. YEAH! The Jones
“hoodwinked” this human.

Have a great day! Hope

Clip Art from
Hoodwink word from M-W’s Word of the Day.
Word definition from
Merriam-Webster Dictionary.com

#hoodwink #The Jones #police #Hope #Mable #jail #moon


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