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Candlestick tulip,
Tulipa clusiana or Lady Tulip

Tulipa clusiana, the lady tulip,[is an Asian species of tulip native to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and the western Himalayas. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental and is reportedly naturalized in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, and Turkey.

The plant grows to a height of 6 to 12 in (15 to 30 cm). It flowers during the spring season.It is the unofficial provincial flower of KPK province in Pakistan.

I love these beautiful tulips. They will last forever and I will have to dust them often. They are lovely wooden tulips by
Typisch Hollands Wooden Tulips

tulipa gesneriana Tulipa gesneriana, the Didier’s tulip or garden tulip, is a species of plants in the lily family, cultivated as an ornamental in many countries because of its large, showy flowers. This tall, late-blooming species has a single blooming flower and linear or broadly lanceolate leaves. This is a complex hybridized neo-species, and can also be called Tulipa ร— gesneriana.Most of the cultivars of tulip are derived from Tulipa gesneriana. It has become naturalised in parts of central and southern Europe and scattered locations in North America.[

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