Hi Everyone!

Ouch! Ouch! Her voice pierces my ears! She’s won the battle! Where are my ear muffs?

Can you give me an idea when Ralph might be able to hit the target?

Dot: Okay girls this should be the best tournament! Hope: Who did you put a wager on? Abby: Ralph is pretty good and Mort is a hit or miss kind of cupid. Dot: I know what you mean. Hope: Last year Mort missed ten (10) hearts out of twelve (12). But I still put a wager on him, he is finally wearing contacts. Abby: Mort just missed!

To me what hurts the most between people are harsh words about others. Those words are like swords through that person’s heart. Especially if they are closest, dearest, trustworthy, reliable, truthful person you know!

Have a great day! Hope

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