Hi Everyone!

Do you know what “two-bit” means? I have heard it when I was younger a couple of eons ago.

Answer: Two bits is commonly understood in America to be one quarter. The word “bit” long meant, in England, any coin of a low denomination. In early America, “bit” was used for some Spanish and Mexican coins that circulated and were worth one-eighth of a peso, or about 12 and one-half cents. Hence, two bits would have equaled about 25 cents.

Very interesting wouldn’t you say.

In your country has it ever “coined” a phrase similar to USA?

Have a great day! Hope

Clip Art from Bing.com
Two-bit word from M-W’s Word of the Day
Information from
The Old Farmer’s Almanac.com
Word definition from
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Quote found on Cool Funny Quotes.com

One thought on “🙋‍♀️Two-bit

  1. Yes, I’ve heard that saying. I understood it to be a derogatory term, meaning something or someone was not very good, or someone was not very good at doing something..how unkind! 😂 We have used currency in a similar way, here in the uk. The meaning was the same, but we used “tuppence” (e.g. It’s not worth tuppence!) or “tuppeny half-penny” pronounced, “tuppeny ha’penny” (e.g. I don’t want your tuppeny ha’penny ring!) All low denominations of our currency. Interesting isn’t it! Great post! 😊


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