Hi Everyone!

Well on this word I looked at it.
Then looked at it again.
Read the M-W dictionary again.
I think I have an idea now.
Sorry no I don’t.
Come on brain get moving!!

TA-DAA!!!! Got it!

Hope: Hi Abby! I saw your favorite uncle was over yesterday.
Abby: Yes he was here yesterday.
Hope: Did anything in particular happen?

Abby: No, not really.
Hope: Are you sure?
Dot: Hi you two! So Abby I heard your avuncular uncle was over yesterday.
Abby: Yes my favorite uncle was over yesterday. You two (2) are getting me mad!

Dot & Hope: OK! OK! We don’t want you turning into a ballerina!!

Abby: What do you mean by that?
Dot & Hope: We know your avuncular uncle comes over to teach you how to do the Swing, Flamengo, Victorian, Cha Cha dances.
Abby: I know what you two (2) are looking for – yes he gave me a new outfit for our next dance challenge. And no I’m not going to show you now, I want the two (2) of you to be surprised!!!! By the way the cost of a ticket is $20.00, and it goes to our favorite charity.

Have a great day! Hope

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Word from M-W’s Word of the Day
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