Hi Everyone! Please pay attention to what I am about to say! Thank you I appreciate your patience in this matter. We are going to have four (4) teams. Pickleball Cards Dice Chess Pieces Is everyone ready? Pick your favorite game piece so we can start the game. Ready? That was fast! Let's begin! Have … Continue reading Sequester


Hi Everyone! The first thing I picture about a Minion is or How about this adorable Minion? or Isn't he handsome? As you can see there are quite a few Minions. The above are only a few of their names. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from M-W's Word of the Day - … Continue reading Minion


Hi Everyone!Hoopla? What the heck is hoopla?Let's see. Let's Party! That's my birthday present? Are you kidding me? Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.comM-W's Word of the Day Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day#Merriam-Webster #Word #hoopla #party #bonkers away #noun #upsy-daisy #whoops-a-daisy


Hi Everyone! Right now I have a desire for a banana split! Banana, One scoop vanilla,One scoop chocolate,One scoop chocolate chip,One topping pineapple,One topping caramel,One topping chocolate,Now the whip cream,Now the nuts sprinkled all over the top,Finally a cherry. WOW! Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.comWord of the Day, #desire, #banana … Continue reading Desire


Hi Everyone! Is worth only about money? art work, gold bars, dollars, coins of value, cars with everything included, top of the line, famous names nobody else can effort, real estate, have a house everywhere you want to visit, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, England, Paris, Brazil. Or is worth about love, … Continue reading Worth


  Hi Everyone! Have you ever been smitten?Β For one thing I dragged out my paper dictionary The New Merriam-Webster with a copyright of 1989 to see what smitten is all about. Are pages yellow you ask? Yes they are! Here's the meaning of smite - 1989 doesn't even have smitten - says to strike heavy, … Continue reading Smitten


Hi Everyone! My quest today is learning how to use WP Gutenberg. I watched two (2) You Videos. Pete McPherson for me he was techie Lisa Irby for me user friendlyThey were both great it just depends on your taste's. I feel like my brain cells are all tied up trying to figure out … Continue reading Quest

Word of the Day Challenge – Hope

Hi Everyone! What does "hope" mean to you? Hope to me meansΒ  Hope in Polish -Β NadziejΔ™, Hope in Welsh -Β Gobeithio Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Translator from Word of the Day - WOTD #word of the day #challenge #hope #bloggingΒ   

RDP: Intimate

Hi Everyone! Today is Valentine's day, Thursday February 14, 2019. Do you and any of your friends have intimate conversations? For Valentine's day are you going with your partner to an intimate setting cocktails, dinner, and especially dessert? Now remember an intimate place doesn't have to be an expensive place. It's whatever the two (2) … Continue reading RDP: Intimate

Taxi – Taxi!!!! – Taxi, Taxi, Taxi

Hi Everyone! Taxi coming, wave my hand, saying taxi, taxi, Zoom it goes right by me. Another taxi coming, again waving my hand, saying taxi, taxi, taxi, Zoom this one goes by. Here comes another one, Wave, wave, wave, wave, saying taxi, Taxi, TAxi!!, TAXi!!!, TAXI!!!! Yes it stopped I wonder why? Hey hi Hulk! … Continue reading Taxi – Taxi!!!! – Taxi, Taxi, Taxi