December 25, 2018

 Hi Everyone! Enjoy your presents, Enjoy your dinner, Enjoy today, for this is a great day to remember why we all are celebrating, Enjoy your memories of the love ones you have lost over the years; Smiles, Go out on Christmas Eve to get a special gift, Watching them, watching what sport is on TV, … Continue reading December 25, 2018

🎅HO! HO!HO! Merry Christmas! Christmas Pickle & Gift Bringers From Around The World

Hi Everyone! Information from Why The Christmas Pickle  The tradition of the Christmas Pickle has got to be one of the strangest modern Christmas customs, in that no one is quite sure why it exists at all! In the 1880s Woolworth stores started selling glass ornaments imported from Germany and some were in the shape of … Continue reading 🎅HO! HO!HO! Merry Christmas! Christmas Pickle & Gift Bringers From Around The World


Hi Everyone! Love! What is love? Strong feeling of affection for another person Strong feeling of affection for an animal Watching a beautiful sunset with someone you love Walking down a path along the beach, holding hands Letting go of someone you love A word used in songs, poems, books, movies and much more. Have … Continue reading Love

Tabby Cats Forehead

Hi Everyone! Do you have a tabby cat? If you do go get their forehead and see if there is a "M". As everyone knows I'm bonkers, but this is what I have heard and read. How Did Tabby Cats Get Their 'M'? All tabbies have an 'M' marking on their forehead, and on some … Continue reading Tabby Cats Forehead

What I Like?

Hi Everyone! What I like; Daisies. Most people may say roses, but to me they remind me of a wake Fresh Air. Of course when you live in a city the air is not as fresh like forest air Colorful items; clothes socks, don't forget the crazy designs furniture sheets, pillow cases, blankets,  front, dining, … Continue reading What I Like?

✏Why Do I Write?🖋

Hi Everyone! Have you ever wondered why you write? For me I was always interested in blogging. Never had a clue how to do it. So many questions my head was spinning! Where to go to find assistance? How do I set up a blog? Do I need my own website? Are sites already set … Continue reading ✏Why Do I Write?🖋


Hi Everyone! What is a Ding-A-Ling? According to The Free; British version a telephone or bell Informal US a foolish person Slang words: A person regarded as eccentric, crackpot, strange, crazy lunatic loony dingbat weirdo nut screwball Today is National Ding-A-Ling day per National Day Calendar NATIONAL DING-A-LING DAY National Ding-a-Ling Day is observed … Continue reading Ding-A-Ling


Hi Everyone! Did you know there are different types of laughter? You have belly laughter You have etiquette laughter You have nervous laughter You have stress relating laughter You have silent laughter You have contagious laughter You have pigeon laughter You have snorting laughter You have canned laughter You have cruel laughter WOW! What a … Continue reading Laughter

Trees Silent

Hi Everyone! In a meditation from the late summer of 1876, Whitman writes: How strong, vital, enduring! how dumbly eloquent! What suggestions of imperturbability and being, as against the human trait of mere seeming. Then the qualities, almost emotional, palpably artistic, heroic, of a tree; so innocent and harmless, yet so savage. It is, yet … Continue reading Trees Silent