Hello November!

fall crowHi Everyone!

WOW! Can you believe it’s November already?

Now let’s get down to business!

  • m_m candy girlhow much candy did you buy for Halloween?
  • how much candy did you give out?
  • how much candy was left over? ghost candy corn
  • how much candy was left over after you ate some?

caramel apple_1I’m sure many of you know you can return unopened bags of candy where you brought them from. If you have your receipt you will get the price you paid, if you don’t you will get the sale price of Halloween. 

Check with your areas some dentists will take your candy, may give you a small payment, then they ship it to the troops overseas.

You can always check your local areas, churches, clubs, retirements, activity centers.

And now it’s time to start planning November days coming up. precious-moments-rain-flower.gif

Have a great day! OldDesignShop_FlowerChildMorningGloryHope


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