Hello National Teal Talk Day!

Hi Everyone! What is National Teal Talk Day? Teal the color? A dark bluish green to greenish blue. Small babbling ducks? National Teal Talk Day is about: Over 249,000 women are diagnosed annually with ovarian cancer, worldwide. Gather your friends, wear teal for a day out together and talk.  Join a group of co-workers for … Continue reading Hello National Teal Talk Day!

Hello! “Ahoy Matie!”

Hi Everyone! Did you know today is National Pirate Day September 19th mark it on your calendar for next year. Land Ho! What do you do on Pirates's Day? Well - Ahoy Matie!, Aye! Aye! Captain! In other words you talk like a Pirate. Very interesting. Let me know if you try it and the … Continue reading Hello! “Ahoy Matie!”