Hi Everyone! How do you feel today? It is sunny, which means it will be hot and humid here in Chicago, IL USA. Which means I will not be happy today with the weather. BUT at least it is not RAINING. Well, you know what I'll be tickled pink today!   Some people will be … Continue reading Sunny


  Hi Everyone! Puzzle? Hmm! Puzzle? Ah! Puzzle? Where do I begin? Jigsaw puzzle, Mystery writer's true identity, I am thoroughly confused! Can you repeat your words? What you just said is not what happened! Enigma in Gotham equals "Ed Nygma" AKA the Riddler and the Chess Killer. I didn't know Ed Nygma was aka … Continue reading Puzzle

Go Fly A Kite!

Hi Everyone! Have you ever heard the expression "go fly a kite!" In others words, you're telling someone to go away because they are bothering you. I guess that is a very polite and nice way, instead of being a "rude" person.   Do you feel like you are in the air with your kite? One, … Continue reading Go Fly A Kite!

Milo June 2018

Hi Everyone! Well I tried my hand at painting Milo on canvas. To say the least - well see for yourself. Did you find Milo? Original picture  Milo is still giving me a look "how could you?" Don't worry acrylic paint was used so I can paint over it. I have a better background idea. … Continue reading Milo June 2018

Daily Prompt: Archaic

Archaic Hi Everyone! Archaic, bygone, ancient, passe, primitive, old. Hmm that's how my bones feel today! WOW! I feel great, I had my hair done - what do you think? Have a great day! Hope Assistance from: The Free  

Daily Prompt: Broken

Broken Hi Everyone! Oh boy! That must be one hot book your writing!!  First the printer, now the computer!!!  Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Thank goodness my fingers aren't broken. I had to polish my nails to match the keyboard so I could finish my blog today.  Have a great day! Hope Assistance from:

Daily Prompt: Retrospective

Retrospective  Hi Everyone! Have you retrospective anything lately? My garden from 1990 My skate board from 2000 My last brain work out yesterday.  My mom and her sister bathing suits from (they asked me not to mention the year).  Have a great day! Hope Assistance from: The Free

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Guilty  Hi Everyone! Are you the one that over feed this flower? Guilty Are you the one that did not water this flower for a week? Not-guilty Are you the one that stepped on this flower on purpose? Guilty as charged. WAIT! Not guilty! What? How can you say that? Someone covered it with a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Guilty