Daily Prompt: Flaunt

Flaunt  Hi Everyone! Look who is flaunting her new dress and look at those flowers! You know she had them flown in from Neverland! Hope: One of this days I would like to flaunt. Mabel: And what the heck would you flaunt? Hope: Well let me think. Mabel: Your thinking won't take all day will … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Flaunt

Daily Prompt: Bubble

Bubble Hi Everyone!  Tiny bubbles in the wine, make me happy, make me fine. Song by Don Ho! How do bubbles make you feel? Try this - sit back, close your eyes, think of bubbles popping. Soft bubbles. Now think of blowing bubbles like you did when you were a child. Now popped them gently … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bubble