Daily Prompt: Deplete

Deplete Hi Everyone!   The water hole for the bison is almost depleted. We will have to haul some in. Watch out for that bison over there, he's very upset.    The latest on the specific farm fish are so depleted, there will not be enough to service restaurants. My brain cells are so depleted, I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Deplete

Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Glimmer Hi Everyone! Glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer! Glimmering fireworks!The Chef brought out a glimmering dish! She writes the not so glimmering reviews on Monday, Wednesday, Friday! He writes the best glimmering reviews on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday! Watch their glimmering foot work!She makes the best pizza in town. She always gets glimmering reviews. Have a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Disrupt Hi Everyone! Am I disrupting your chatting time on the phone?Remember you're at work. Oh my! Mr. Jones white rat just escaped from his science lab. Oh boy! Now all his students will not out of his room until it's caught. Here we go again! Who do you think unlocked the cage door this … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Daily Prompt: Froth

Froth Hi Everyone! WOW! Look at all that froth; Beer, Coffee, Bubble machine, Dog's Mouth, Shaving cream, Whipping Cream, Egg whites, Etc, etc, etc! Have a great day! Hope Definition assistance from The Free Dictionary.com Clip Art from Bing.com