Daily Prompt: Explore


Hi Everyone!

I love this word! Why? You can investigate, probe, look into, examine, scrutinize, or plain old nosy!

To me there’s a little bit of exploring in all of us. Or maybe should say curiosity.

I have too much curiosity, ask too many questions, want to know who, what, where, when and why.
I drive my son bonkers. “Mom did you really, really need to know that!” My replay -“Yes I did”.

If it’s not important to some people, they don’t go any further to explore.

Now just think about;
Albert Einstien, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, Neil Armstrong, Chris Hadfield, Charlie Chaplin, Alice Guy-Blachรฉ,ย 

Mae West,ย , Bill Gates, Steve Jobs.ย 

The above is just a small measure of people that have made our world what it is today.

Now it’s your time to explore! What have you been curious about? Do you have a project that could help your area, the world? Explore your possibilities. Who would you contact, where could it be used, when will I get my nerve to do something about it. Why have I waited so long?

Have a great day! Hope

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Definition assistance from The Free Dictionary.com & Wikipedia.org
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