Daily Prompt: Bestow

Bestow Hi Everyone! Gwendolyn I now bestow you with this crown of diamonds! Glenda I now bestow you with this crown of rubies! Elenydd I now bestow you with this crown of emeralds! Idelle I now bestow you with this crown of sapphires! Berth I now bestow you with this crown of opals! At last … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bestow

Daily Prompt: Vague

Vague Hi Everyone! I just love people that start telling me a story and then all of a sudden they become vague on the most important issue. The police were so vague on what happened at the pier yesterday. Even the newspapers were so vague. I guess we will have to wait until their get … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Vague

Daily Prompt: Mallet

Mallet Hi Everyone! Mallet for croquet, Mallet for polo, Mallet as drumstick, Mallet as a percussion instrument, Mallet as a hammer to work with chisel or wedge, Mallet used by a judge in court, How about a mallethead shark? Don't confuse mallet with mullet hair cut. Have a great day! Hope A lot of  definition … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Mallet

Daily Prompt: Authentic

Authentic Hi Everyone! When you are looking online and it says authentic - do you believe that statement? Authentic mocha, cocoa, cream straight from local dairy. Cost of this specialty ====== $15.99. Auction house sale of crown worn by queen of Sheba sold for $500,000.99. WOW!! That is a true portrait done by Marion Rose done … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Authentic

Daily Prompt: Genie

Genie Hi Everyone!                                                                          Where, oh where has my lamp gone today?  Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you have to start … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Genie

Daily Prompt: Fret

Fret Hi Everyone! Hope: Abby what are you fretting about? Abby: Nothing! Hope: Here comes Dot. OM Gosh it looks like she is fretting also! Dot: I just can't believe it! Hope: So what are you fretting about? Dot: You are not going to believe this! Hope: So what happened? Dot: All I can say … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fret

Daily Prompt: Song

Song Hi Everyone! Did you wake up today with a song in your heart? What about a song that keeps on playing in your brain? Have you ever written a song? What birds sing their songs to you in the area you live? Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Song