Daily Prompt: Blush

Blush Hi Everyone! Hope: Abby you need some blush. Abby: Where? Hope: Now where do you think? Abby: Okay I don't wear makeup, I just usually pinch my cheeks. Hope: No wonder you look as pale as a ghost when you go out. Your pinching doesn't last that long. Β A little blush here, a little … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Blush

Daily Prompt: Patience

Patience Hi Everyone! Patience is a virtue. From Wikipedia.org: Patience is a virtue is a proverbial phrase referring to one of the seven heavenly virtues typically said to date back to "Psychomachia," an epic poem written in the fifth century. In popular culture, "Patience is a Virtue" can refer to: a 1991 single by Lois … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Patience

Daily Prompt: Incubate

Incubate Hi Everyone! Incubate what a word. Let me think. Incubate Incubate Incubate I think I incubated enough brain cells on this one. Have a great day! Hope A little assistance from The Free Dictionary.com Clip Art from Bing.com