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Daily Prompt: Above

AboveSee the source image

Hi Everyone,

Look above!
Again look, look above!!
OM Gosh! Look, look, look above!!!
One more time! Look, look, look, look above!!!!See the source image

Abby, Dot, Nins, Mable:
Why do you want us to look above?hot air balloon

Just wanted you to see how beautiful the sky is, along with the hot air balloons floating by!steampunk hot air balloon2

Have a great day! 9_curly_girlHope

PS: The girls finally looked above and they were in awe we everything they were seeing “above” them.

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Daily Prompt: Restart


Hi Everyone!
Are you ready to restart a new week?
Did you restart your battery on your alarm clock?
Restarting your garden plans?
Is your metabolism restarted this morning?
I forgot my pass, now I have to go home, then restart my day all over again.
Ready, set and restart your movements for the day!
Have a great day! Hope

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