Daily Prompt: Invisible

Invisible  Hi Everyone! Sorry for any confusion on this post. I was trying something new, racking my brain out,  published it by mistake. If it worked correctly now you won't be able to see the words. The words are at the end of my site. Thank you for your "patience". Invisible man Invisible woman Invisible … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Invisible

Daily Prompt: Identical

Identical Hi Everyone! When you see identical twins, can you tell them apart? Did you hear that? This competitor is using the same words as the second person. I like your new ruby ring. It looks similar to the one Mable has. I don't believe it! I just don't believe it! We both have the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Identical

Daily Prompt: Blush

Blush Hi Everyone! Hope: Abby you need some blush. Abby: Where? Hope: Now where do you think? Abby: Okay I don't wear makeup, I just usually pinch my cheeks. Hope: No wonder you look as pale as a ghost when you go out. Your pinching doesn't last that long.  A little blush here, a little … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Blush

Daily Prompt: Patience

Patience Hi Everyone! Patience is a virtue. From Wikipedia.org: Patience is a virtue is a proverbial phrase referring to one of the seven heavenly virtues typically said to date back to "Psychomachia," an epic poem written in the fifth century. In popular culture, "Patience is a Virtue" can refer to: a 1991 single by Lois … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Patience

Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Wrinkle Hi Everyone! Twinkle, twinkle little star how I - what am I thinking? Wait, I messed up. Wrinkle, wrinkle where did you come from, will this jar of wrinkle vanishing creme work? Wrinkle, wrinkle vanishing creme jar the only thing you did was give me a rash. Wrinkle, wrinkle you're not so awful, so … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Daily Prompt: Provoke

Provoke Hi Everyone! Hope: What has provoked you lately? Abby: The sun provokes me because it comes up earlier. Dot: The birds provoke me because they are starting to chirp more. Nins: The tree leaves are starting to come out and the that noise provokes me. Peg: The neighbor on the left side of me … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Provoke

Daily Prompt: Noise

Noise  Hi Everyone! Grandpa: What did you say? Hope: (high tone) I said how was your doctor's appointment. Grandpa: you don't have to shout!!!! Hope: (high tone) Well you can't hear me in my regular tone.  Grandpa: Sure I can, say something. Hope: (regular tone) Did you know your neighbor has a crush on you? … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Noise

Daily Prompts: Meander, Captivating, Grasp

Meander Have you ever felt like just meandering around? Have you ever moved from place to place every four (4) or five (5) years? Some people may say you are a vagabond. Captivating Look at the sunset, it's so captivating to watch the hot air balloons flying right by.  The shooting stars were so captivating … Continue reading Daily Prompts: Meander, Captivating, Grasp

Daily Prompt: Suddenly

Suddenly Hi Everyone! How's it going - suddenly a clap of lightning. How's it going - suddenly a tree fell on the street across from me. How's it going - suddenly my neighbors clothesline flew away with the wind. How's it going - suddenly the garbage truck started losing it's contents down the street. How's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Suddenly