Daily Prompt: Conjure

Conjure Hi Everyone! Abby: Uh oh! What the heck are you conjuring up? Hope: It's a special surprise for all the men at the party. Hope: One whiff and they will turn into!ย  Abby: Are you kidding me? Hope: Nope! Remember the last time we went to a party what happened. Abby: OM Gosh! Girl … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Conjure

Daily Prompt: Insist

Insist Hi Everyone! I insist you do the laundry today! I insist you do the floors tomorrow! I insist you do the windows Monday! I insist you change the towels and sheets on Tuesday! I insist you go on a two (2) week vacation to Hawaii my treat! Wow I would love to hear that … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Insist

Daily Prompt: Simplify

Simplify Hi Everyone! Do you ever wonder why things are so complicated? Do you wish someone out there could simplify instructions, instruction manuals, tax forms, tests for driving, etc? Wait maybe the tests for driving better stay, especially in this day and age! Have a great day! Hope Clip Art From Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Simplify