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Daily Prompt: Conjure


Hi Everyone!

Abby: Uh oh! What the heck are you conjuring up?
Hope: It’s a special surprise for all the men at the party.
Hope: One whiff and they will turn into! clam
Abby: Are you kidding me?
Hope: Nope! Remember the last time we went to a party what happened.mermaid10
Abby: OM Gosh! Girl keeping stirring.

Have a great day! roaring twenty girlHope

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Daily Prompt: Insist


Hi Everyone!

free digital stamp_hanging clotheslineI insist you do the laundry today!
I insist you do the floors tomorrow!
window-227893_960_720I insist you do the windows Monday!
I insist you change the towels and sheets on Tuesday!
I insist you go on a two (2) week vacation to Hawaii my treat!hawai-surfboard-clipart
Wow I would love to hear that from someone! Love Mom

Have a great day! Hope clean lady Now if you think I look like this when I clean?
floor cleaningThis is the true me! Well sort of, I’m a lot older.

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Daily Prompt: Simplify


Hi Everyone!

Do you ever wonder why things are so complicated?chibi_questionmark_by_3hedgies-d4pu3p0
Do you wish someone out there could simplify instructions, instruction manuals, png_Cartoon-girl-booktax forms, tests for driving, etc?
Wait maybe the tests for driving better stay, especially in this day and age!jpg_transportation009

Have a great day! borderlands_2__mad_moxxi__red_clothes__by_ogloc069-d80a9qpHope

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