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Daily Prompt: Conversant

Conversant See the source image

Hi Everyone!

Are you a “conversant” person?
Am I a “conversant” person? Yes! I am.

What am I a “conversant” in;

fact or fiction,

love, heart15

logic, truth,

See the source imageforgiveness,


In five (5) words or less – I’m a “conversant” in life.See the source image

What is your specialty?

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Compromise


Hi Everyone!

Hope: Hi Abby! How are you today?
Abby: Doing great! What about you?
Hope: Doing great just like you!
penguin-with-rulerAbby: Are you ready to compromise?
Hope: Compromise?? What are you talking about?
Abby: You know what I’m talking about.cartoon-ruler-clipart-1
Hope: Now I know what you’re talking about. You won’t even compromise one (1) inch. I always compromise with you.
Abby: One (1) inch, it’s two (2) inches we’re talking about.
tape-measureHope: Okay! Okay! I’ll give up the “one inch”.

Have a great day! worm smlHope

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Daily Prompt: Courage

See the source imageCourage

Hi Everyone!

How many of us know what courage really means?
Saying words to someone that has loss someone they loved,
Give a loving look at a person who has just loss their love one before their eyes, give them courage to do what they have to do,
Saying words of kindness when someone has been abused,
Give a look of strength to the person that has been abused. Letting them know they can do it!

See the source imageWelcome home soldiers that served in other countries where they loss their lives. No matter where a soldier serves remember they gave their life with love, passion, strength, and especially courage, to keep us save at home.See the source image

For our soldiers that come home, we need to keep their courage up when they are going through tough physical and mental disabilities of war.

Thank you for reading my blog! clipart-crying-pretty-face-smiley-emoticon-256x256-35ad Hope
Have the courage to say hi, thank you, to our soldiers.
Give a dollar or two if you see the same homeless person out on the streets or roads.

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Daily Prompt: Rube

emotion thinkingRube

Hi Everyone!

Hmm! Rube, rube, rube.
woman easelHave you ever worked on something for hours? Then once you step back and look at it. It suddenly comes to you, if I would have painted with red and gold instead of green and yellow, my project would have been done sooner. It could have been completed in eight (8) hours, instead of ten (10).clock

painter-penguinNext time I work on a project this size I will step back a few times and see what’s happening that will make it easier to complete.

Have a great day! flamingo dancerHope

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