Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

Inscrutable Hi Everyone! Inscrutable what a word! Is it really a word? Let me check it out. Okay "The Free Dictionary says "Difficult to understand or interpret; impenetrable" or 1. incapable of being investigated, analyzed, or scrutinized. 2. mysterious; unfathomable: an inscrutable smile." Thesaurus says: Mysterious, dead pan, poker-faced, unfathomable, hidden, blank. Have a great … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

Daily Prompt: Inkling

Inkling Hi everyone! Dot: Are you two (2) ready to play the big lottery this weekend? I have an INKLING this lottery will be ours. Abby & Hope: Sure are! Dot: Okay here we go. We have nine (9) numbers to pick, plus a gold one (1) at the end. So I'll pick the first … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Inkling

Daily Prompt: Stifle

Stifle Hi Everyone! Hope: What do you mean I should stifle? Abby: I'm tired of your voice! Hope: My voice???? Abby: Yes your voice is like chalk on a blackboard!!!! Hope: Well I never, ever thought you would treat me this way. I'm leaving! You can fine someone else to put up with your horrible … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Stifle