Daily Prompt: Saintly

Saintly  Hi Everyone! What a great word for this time of year. What do you think? Have you noticed people being more helpful, courteous, generous, mindful of their words, they have a smile on their face? Of course if you are acting saintly for this time of year only, do you think it really counts … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Saintly

Christmas is coming!!!

Hi Everyone! One day closer to Christmas. Milo for some reason is more bonkers than usual. Maybe because a new moon is coming next week. Hmmm! Will have to double check my sources to see if anything else is going. My friend's cats have been acting the same way. Something must be in the air. … Continue reading Christmas is coming!!!

Daily Prompt: Degree

Degree  Hi Everyone! How many degrees has that snail moved in the last two (2) minutes? Look, my snail has moved one (1) degree more than yours! You two (2) are bonkers! My snail has move 4 (four) degrees more than both of yours. Have a great day! Hope Definition from The Free Dictionary.com Pictures … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Degree